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Oversized Comfort Series 20"x36" Antifatigue Kitchen Mats (Eat Well)

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  • ✔ANTI FATIGUE: Anti-Fatigue Mat, it relieves up to 40% pressure on your knees, feet and joints. The pleasant feeling will be the same, regardless of the environment (kitchen, bathroom, office desk, etc).
  • ✔EASY TO CLEAN: It is easy to clean and resistant to all any kitchen accidents like spilling liquids.
  • ✔NO SLIP: An ideal Anti- Fatigue should not only look pleasant but it should also keep the floor completely dry and prevent us from slipping. Our Nonskid backing holds the mat in place for extra safety. Because of this your risk of injury is significantly reduced when using this standing mat, even on wet floors!
  • ✔MULTI SURFACE: This mat is designed to be used on marble, wood, laminate, and concrete. It will work effectively on any hard and flat surface. It is smooth and soft, but durable enough to withstand spills or kitchen disasters.
  • ✔DESIGN: It’s the perfect size at 20"x36"x1.18" and comes in a variety of different, beautiful colors and designs.